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Contact Gary to arrange MailChimp training for your team anywhere in Australia.

Get incredible results from MailChimp.

In just one class learn to create and send high converting email marketing!
Gary is listed by MailChimp as an Expert trainer and will help you boost your marketing efforts in just hours.

Public and corporate classes throughout Australia

Contact Gary: [email protected] 04 1092 3445

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We hold regular public MailChimp classes in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and other cities in Australia.

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What you’ll learn in our training

MailChimp give our training attendees three months free MailChimp subscription

About Gary

Gary Eckstein is listed by MailChimp as an Expert.
Gary is listed by MailChimp as an Expert Trainer. He delivers public classes and in-house MailChimp training throughout Australia.

Gary lives in Australia and has worked and lived in the U.S.A., England and South Africa. He is M.B.A. qualified with a specialty in eCommerce from a leading European university.

Before specializing in email marketing, Gary consulted to large organizations such as Marriott Hotels (U.S.A.), BNP Paribas Bank (England) and Energy Australia in addition to opening and managing his own small businesses (such as a restaurant in South Africa).

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[email protected]
04 1092 3445

Our Customers

Whether you are a large multi-national corporation, a government department, a small business or even a local club, Gary will help you get incredible results with email marketing.

Some of our happy customers.

Our customers include the Sydney Cricket Ground, University of New South Wales and other organizations.

Here’s why you’ll love our classes

Everything MailChimp

We know MailChimp extremely well and are recognized and listed by MailChimp as training experts. MailChimp give all our attendees 3 months free.

Get Results

Our attendees get results from their email marketing. You'll leave training being able to send high converting EDM in half the time.

Plain English

No coding knowledge needed and explanations in plain English. Training is aimed at your level of competency, from basic to advanced.

Boost Conversions

Learn what will get you increased conversions. Open and clicks rates count in EDM; find out how to get the best results.

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